Attended my first trade show today as an exhibitor, working on the booth. Turns out I don’t like talking to strangers with zero introductions, who would have guessed?

not me

I only spoke to one “customer” anyway, and fumbled it up. Luckily, that “customer” was just a uni student going to the show. Phew, no bridges burnt.

Only had to go for an hour to cover for someone else, but that was enough.

I did, however, get to talk to some other exhibitors, which was nice. I even offed them advice with a project, which they were quite receptive of. I now have an email to send in the morning with wiring diagrams.

It felt quite nice to be able to provide unique insight, and to have someone value it (I think that might be ego talking).

It doesn’t happen much at this new job, but i guess that want happens when you are actually surrounded by very compote people. Its very unlike the last job, where I felt like i was surrounded by idiots sometimes.

I don’t know what I prefer.

That’s it for now

– beele






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